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O MMS w N900

1 września 2009

Jak już pisałem w poprzednim poście N900 nie będzie posiadać obsługi MMS. Wyjaśnił to Peter@Maemo Marketing:

Posted by Peter@Maemo Marketing View Post

Yes, having MMS on a feature phone is important, but the N900 isn’t a feature phone with limited resources. . We prioritized our resources to have brilliant multitasking of the frequent use cases. You can share photos easily to the Internet or by email. Implementing MMS would have meant dragging the ancient WAP 1.2.1 standard used for the push notificatiom to a modern computer OS in times when our target audience wants to share high quality images to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Ovi and so on. MMS receipt would maybe gotten us far enough, so others can send her photo to you, but we decided to put our R&D into other areas. I hope consumers will forgive us for the time being.

Jednak kilka postów później pojawił się taki oto wpis:

Originally Posted by zerojay View Post

According to someone in the know, the main reason why MMS isn’t in there is because of the way MMS works conflicts with the way the Linux kernel works in terms of handling connections. I was told however that a very recent addition to the official kernel would make it possible to add in the future.

That’s a very interesting information. I would have thought MMS support would be userspace only… Although I have to admit this is based only on the fact that it seems to be such a trivial thing from a user’s point of view.

To chyba oznacza iż możemy się spodziewać uaktualnienia oprogramowania za jakiś czas, któe wprowadzi funkcjonalność MMS do N900. Podobnie jak to było w przypadku IPhona 😛 Przypuszczam że czas ten będzie odwrotnie proporcjonalny do nacisków ze strony społeczności na Nokie.

Cały wątek dostępny jest tu.

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